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Empowering Participants with Comprehensive Cyber Security Training: Edwhere Education's Hands-On Session at STTP Program

30 May 2023: Toc H Institute of Science and Technology

Edwhere Education, a leading provider of cyber security training, recently conducted a hands-on session on Cyber Security Tools as part of the Short Term Training Program (STTP) organized by Toc-H Institute of Science and Technology. This program, sponsored by the International Society for Technical Education, focused on enhancing participants’ cyber security skills through practical training.

As a prominent player in the field of cyber security training, Edwhere Education’s session aimed to empower participants with essential knowledge and hands-on experience in tackling cyber threats. Led by our experienced cyber security expert [Your Name], the session provided practical insights into the latest tools and techniques employed in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Our Cyber Security hands-on training session delved into the intricacies of the Cyber Kill Chain methodology, enabling participants to understand the step-by-step process of a cyber attack. Through interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, participants gained comprehensive knowledge of common types of cyber attacks, including phishing, malware, DoS (Denial-of-Service), brute force, and social engineering.

Edwhere Education is honored to have been invited to contribute to the STTP program organized by Toc-H Institute of Science and Technology. We extend our sincere gratitude to Toc-H Institute of Science and Technology for recognizing the importance of cyber security training and for providing us with the opportunity to share our expertise with the participants.

At Edwhere Education, our mission is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to protect against cyber threats. We are committed to delivering high-quality cyber security training and promoting best practices in the industry. Through our hands-on session at the STTP program, we have taken another step towards fulfilling this mission.

For more information on upcoming cyber security training programs and to explore how Edwhere Education can support your organization’s cyber security needs, please visit our events page

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